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Outsourced/Remote Underwriting

Today’s underwriting departments are being asked to do more with less staff-- and now the need to be both cost-effective and risk astute must mesh with the need for expediency and improved customer service.  PDC’s Outsourced/Remote Underwriting division is the ideal solution for any company faced with this perplexing dynamic.
According to the results of PDC’s 2006-2007 Remote Underwriting Study and Swiss Re’s 2006 Survey on Remote Underwriting, the primary reasons that companies are now using remote underwriters include: enhancing productivity through staff augmentation, offsetting the loss of experienced personnel to retirement/attrition, and overcoming relocation problems when attempting to attract personnel.
PDC’s team of experienced underwriters is ready to assist your underwriting and/or claims departments with a variety of support services that will provide numerous benefits:

  • Flexible staffing resources allow underwriting and claims departments to ramp-up during busy times and ramp-down during slower periods.
  • Overcome retirement and staff attrition problems by accessing a wide range of underwriting experience levels (without regard to location) from lower limit, speed issue underwriters to former department heads and chief underwriters with issue limits ranging from multi-million to unlimited.
  • Remote underwriters are motivated to prove themselves in this environment and they can be more productive because they are interrupted less with meetings and office distractions.
  • Significant amounts of “off-hours” underwriting is performed during weekends and early/late hours keeping productivity levels high and cases moving.
  • Outsourcing APS Summary work is a cost effective alternative to inundating high value underwriting staff with laborious reading, deciphering, and data acquisition and organization work.
  • Reinsurers agree that remote underwriting is a positive trend—and many are using remotes themselves.  

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