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Expert Automated Underwriting and Tele-Underwriting
Trained underwriters and risk management professionals measure the insurability of applicants with in-depth phone interviews guided by PDC’s Underwriting/Claims System, MediRisk.  Our underwriters combine their years of risk management expertise and medical knowledge with the ability to cross reference a broad array of medical and risk factors such as prior conditions, disease, pharmacology, family history, occupation, and demographics to obtain an objective score based on the insurers guidelines and potential claims exposure. PDC’s customizable, reflexive data-gathering tool coordinates both physician and pharmacological databases as part of a triangulation methodology to objectively measure medical and non-medical risk factors.

If your goal is to cut down on the number of APS’s being ordered, assist direct-to-consumer or point-of-purchase distribution channels, provide a Quick Quote capability, or speed up the cycle time to issue small to mid-sized face value policies—PDC has the right solution.

  • Tele-Underwriting expedites the application-to-issue cycle, reduces instances of incomplete applications and stalled issuance, and reduces new business acquisition and claims costs.
  • Tele-Underwriting provides expertise and flexibility to the risk evaluation process while reducing the costs and delays associated with inordinate ordering of APS.
  • Answers provided during a MediRisk tele-interview session will quickly determine if an applicant’s history is such that a policy should be issued or rejected in an expedited manner, up-sold/cross-sold, or if it is necessary to obtain additional information or further review by one of our underwriters and/or medical professionals.

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