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exam solutions

M.D. and Board Certified Exams
Non M.D. Examinations
Chest X-Rays (Portable and Walk-In Centers)
PFT / TVC - Spirometry
12 Lead EKG
Stress Tests (Treadmill, Thallium and Echo-Cardiogram)
Blood Drawing (DBS and Venipuncture)
HOS and Saliva Testing

PDC selects the highest rated Mobile and Fixed Based Medical Examination organizations covering every city in the United States.  Our emphasis is on accuracy and timely turn-around of examinations, with courteous and punctual attention to customer service.

Order your medical requirements electronically, or on the PDC website, and we will arrange for an exam professional to visit your client’s home or office, or arrange for a medical center to examine your client immediately…….PDC is the one source for all your examination and evaluation needs!

There are four primary components to PDC’s world class medical examination services:

  • Flexibility - Regardless of the type of requirement, a friendly PDC examiner-supervisor will always go the extra mile to organize and accommodate your request.
  • Coverage - Although our primary area of coverage is the contiguous United States, should your clients be geographically located abroad, an International Customer Service Specialist will diligently work with you to fulfill your special needs.
  • Professionalism - We understand that the professional examining your client is viewed as an extension of your organization, and we are diligent about sending the highest caliber examiners available.
  • Selection - PDC’s scope and scale assures you access to many local and regional exam groups that might otherwise not be a viable option.
  • One stop shop
  • Stringent QC-QA for every completed service
  • Dedicated CRM (customer relationship manager)
  • Uniform pricing
  • Credentialed management
  • Streamline electronic transmission process via single hub-2-hub data transfer connection
  • Single point of forms management
  • Pik’nclik™ pre-set management

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