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Customized Back Office
Support Solutions

  • New Business and Application Processing
  • In-bound and Out-bound Customer Contact
    (multi-lingual and 24/7)
  • Information Capture and Data Entry
  • Electronic Imaging
  • Email and Mail Fulfillment
  • Data Entry

To survive in today’s competitive environment, insurance companies must identify where administrative bottlenecks are slowing down the foreword progress of business.  The insurance industry still suffers from paper jams, workflow atrophy, and administrative overload caused by backlogged requirements orders and APS’s, neglected applications of all varieties (short, long, trial), and claims discrepancies.  Fortunately, there are numerous options available today for outsourcing administrative and processing functions that can improve efficiencies, costs, and time service. 

PDC’s suite of customizable solutions empowers our clients to focus on what they do best so that underwriters, claims examiners, and other specialized personnel are not diverted from their core competencies to perform administrative tasks that could be more cost/time effectively outsourced. 

PDC’s nationwide network of requirement retrieval specialists are expert customer service representatives and accomplished administrative support personnel.  With agents operating from our secure, web based system we have the capability to support our clients’ back-office and customer service needs.

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