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PDC’s nationwide network of requirement retrieval specialists, risk management professionals and underwriters provide a comprehensive suite of insurability inspection services.  From a simple telephone interview to Tele-Underwriting, Quick Quotes, APS Summaries or a comprehensive multi-page narrative-- PDC’s inspectors are renowned for precise, punctual, and polite customer interaction while assuring thorough and complete data gathering and reporting.

MediRisk: PDC’s Underwriting/Claims System
MediRisk was developed in 1999 to provide medical and life insurance companies with an objective third-party rating methodology for underwriting life and health insurance policies.

This state of the art Underwriting/Claims System evaluates information submitted with conventional medical questionnaires for individuals applying for life, medical or disability insurance policies. The applications are automatically assigned a point total predicated upon the potential claim exposure of the applicant. MediRisk’s objective underwriting point system was developed by teams of doctors representing different medical specialties. Many areas are extensively cross referenced including all prior or existing medical conditions, medications, family history occupational exposures, life styles, etc. Research has revealed that scientific cross-referencing of related conditions produces far more accurate assessment of potential exposure than evaluation on an individual condition by condition basis. The final point total determines whether the applicant is insurable, should be surcharged and/or have certain exposures excluded at policy issuance.

Underwriters and physicians often vary dramatically in their interpretation and application of underwriting guidelines. MediRisk completely eliminates these subjective factors. Thus the Insurer can no longer be negatively impacted by a maverick underwriter or physician because adherence to each company’s underwriting criteria is guaranteed. The MediRisk objective underwriting point system will also facilitate vastly improved data for modification of underwriting guidelines and corrective rate action.  For the first time, insurers can review results versus the definitive underwriting criteria that were originally applied to generate those results to determine if points assigned for conditions have proven inadequate or excessive.

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