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APS Summaries
Underwriting departments are understaffed and backlogged with more trial applications and higher case volumes than ever before.  As a result, high-value underwriting resources are being asked to perform administratively driven functions such as dissecting and summarizing a raw APS. 

Is this the best way for an insurer to maximize the time and costs associated with an APS?  Wouldn’t an insurer be better off outsourcing the task of sorting and summarizing an APS as a final step of the retrieval process?

An expertly prepared APS Summary is a very effective productivity tool because it puts a concise and well organized medical overview into the hands of an underwriter to speed up the time it takes to evaluate the insurability of every application (saving time and money). 

PDC’s underwriters are experienced in the specifics of medical terminology, chronological sorting, review and note taking, annotating information gaps and indecipherable entries, as well as double checking for duplicative entries/records, inconsistencies, and spotting patterns.  They understand from experience as underwriters how to dissect and organize medical records to create a composite of an applicant’s medical history.

The components of an APS Advantage summary include a health history synopsis that chronologically details tobacco use, medications, prior conditions, lab tests, BP, Cholesterol (HDL, LDL and Cholesterol/HDL Ratio), etc. 

Companies using PDC’s APS Advantage Summary Services avoid wasting valuable time and money sorting through pages and pages of medical documents.  Instead, our clients can keep their underwriters and claims examiners focused on interpreting the key medical information contained in an APS to evaluate the insurability of an applicant, and then issue a well informed risk based decision.

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