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APS Retrieval
Insurers’ attempting to take on the task of retrieving an APS from a doctor’s office is clearly not practical in today’s Byzantine environment of HIPAA regulations, special authorizations, FTP and electronic data feeds, myriad copy services, payment requirements, and disorganized medical records departments.

Utilizing PDC’s AutoDispatch technology, we verify that the correct doctor or medical facility receives the APS request and payment from our national database of over 600,000 doctors and 90,000 medical facilities.  Our InstaSend and InstaCheck technology tracks the status of every APS request in Real-Time, and Status-at-a-Glance provides our clients with instant status checks on every APS ordered through a highly secure FTP feed and 128 bit, SSL password protected site.  Using ExamScan, we electronically transmit the records to our clients immediately after the APS is obtained.

Companies are taking a hard look at what is acceptable in terms of time service, tracking/status, and success rates when retrieving an APS.  If you could shave today’s average time frame of fifteen to thirty calendar days down to less than NINE CALENDAR DAYS -- what would that mean in terms of productivity, field and customer relations, and persistency of applications taken? 

The time has come to expect better results and real time information during the APS retrieval process—and PDC’s average of less than NINE CALENDAR DAYS is the new industry standard!

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