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APS Retrievals and Summaries
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For many applications/claims, a crucial component of the underwriting process is obtaining and then reviewing Attending Physician Statements (APS). More often than not, this step in the risk management process becomes an unnecessary cause of delay and frustration.

If this is the case, why do companies use an APS?  Simply defined, an APS is an indispensable risk management tool containing the necessary medical records to inform an underwriter/claims examiner about an applicant’s insurability according to each company’s specific guidelines.

PDC’s best-in-class APS Advantage solution overcomes the all too common problem of bottlenecks caused by delays in obtaining, and then interpreting an APS.  Our solution is to seamlessly combine PDC’s industry leading Retrieval time service of less than nine calendar days, with the option to receive APS Summaries prepared by our team of underwriters.

PDC’s APS Advantage
  • National turn around time of nine calendar days or less (including copy company and west coast delays) backed up by SLA guarantees
  • Requirement Retrieval Specialists experienced in obtaining APS’s from notoriously difficult medical organizations (we hire medical records department expertise)
  • Concise APS Summaries by experienced underwriters available upon request
  • Dedicated Special Authorization department
  • Actively maintain copy company relationships from coast-to-coast
  • APS’s sorted in chronological order and delivered back into a proprietary, imaged workflow
  • APS orders through a highly secure FTP feed and 128 bit, SSL password protected site
  • Real-Time status for all orders with auto-redirection updates
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) with state and medical institution specific expertise on-call

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